The Wars

Posted by Nicholas | | Posted on 10:33 PM

The 2 days of war in the morning that was 2 days ago and this morning
darn it
CCNA is quite ok
and yet
totally dead
something stupid with those questions
and because of these 2 papers
i sudah tidak tidur lena selama seminggu
maybe because of that
early morning wake up
ate something and go hostel
and found that stomach not wel
maybe also because of over nervous?
vommit kat hostel
felt better and go for exam
while for today
pun lai din feel any vommit eh feeling
mana tau itu feeling strikes me when walk up kat CA mia stairs
keep tahan tahan
and almost wanna vommit out
when the examiner said "You can start writing now"
out of sudden
the vommit feeling is gone
and can do my exam comfortably
but with those question
die straight straight la!!!!!!!
God please bless me pass in this paper!!!!!

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