Tour in Tambun

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Went to Tambun with my lovely M45 classmates on Monday. The first ever outgoing to so far with them. This outing is because of our beloved YH back from KL and due to everyone did not see her for quite a long time. This plan has been planned for one whole week. The island people went to BW through ferry at around 5.30pm+ and the actual plan is reach at 4.30pm. Sorry for KimSheng have been waited for so long. Alright stop the craps and look through the photos for the story.

First time sit KimSheng's car and this shot was from Ping's car =/

After that went to Sunway Carnival to lepak due to over sianness and the time was too early. Then everyone was hungry and thirsty. We directly headed to Tambun for our dinner. This trip was leaded by Ping =). Okay stop the crap again and go through the foods' photos =D

The Taufus
The Kang Kungs
The Fish

The Prawns
The 刺縲
The Crabs
The Lalas
The Sotongs

As we finished the foods,we captured group photo of us

After send Yangsim back, we also went in to car and make our next move. At last, the sudden plan where Ping leaded wrong way back home and crushed into Nibong Tebal. So we 将错就错, went to find our Mr Jing as he stays at there and he not manage to attend this dinner due to certain reasons.

Another group photos took in Jing's house

Then went back Island through jetty again and reach home at 12something. So the plan is quite successful la hor?

Photos credited by Ping

Boring Boring

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Boring la!!!


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As i mentioned in my previous post,a small gathering will be held on Monday night. It was hard to plan for such a small gathering. Hmmm, as Hong Seng is coming back from Ipoh, the actual plan from 8pm has been delayed to 10pm. Wong came to fetch me at around 9.30pm,then went to fetch Jino ,Daniel and a special guest. The actual plan is going Island Red Cafe to yam cha. Then a sudden call from Hong Seng,said Island Red Cafe closed. WTF? We were on highway and told me there was closed? Then meet up with Hong Seng at Crystal Point and discuss where to go. End up rushing back to Gurney Drive's Coffee Island. Feel so damn sorry to Wong.
Wong with his French Toast

Wilson and his Girl's Blue Hawaii

Vietnam Coffee

We gossip gossip about people and went home at around 12.45. Reach home at around 1+. My
5th day of holiday ended up like this. =)

To my Dearest Shin Chan, im so sad that ur father has been past away. I know u since i was small. Dont u just leave us okay.
RIP Yoshito Usui


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It was 3rd day of holiday, darn it, freakin' bored in this holiday! This day was planned one week ago, the plan suppose to be like this, RB->Movie-> Night small gathering. I duno how and i duno why, 10 people outing and became 5 people. Geng la this one, and Dan told me the plan is still on. So this morning i woke up and received msg text by Dan, say RB cancel. Oh god,and wait Wong come and fetch because Dan wan use reach there asap. After reach there,met up with Jino, Siew Hoay and Dan, we plan for lunch. We headed to Manhattan Fish Market for lunch.

We ordered these,cost us RM46+ each and ate RM130+ for one meal
绿茶红豆 for Jino,taste good

Then we headed to cosmic to waste the time pass. After that,went in cinema and watch G-Force 3D

rated 9/10
the Science and Technology effects are so damn cool
Thanks for the treat =)

After that,wong take me home and i plan for night small gathering. Suddenly wong said that he busy,and have to replan again. So! The plan is postponed to Monday! Coffee Island! Damn dun say busy again!


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Year 1 S1
睡觉的时间是 ------------------------>12am-1am

Year1 S2
睡觉的时间是 ------------------------>12am-1am

Year1 S3
睡觉的时间是 ------------------------>1am-2am

Year2 S1
睡觉的时间是 ------------------------>2am-3am



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Ini hari pi watch cinema. I bangun awal plan to go bank tekan duit. Mana tau cant wake up. Unlock handphone nampak bibu's message. Cakap 11am angkat me. Straight stand up makan breakfast. Berak and bath. Then online, saw them still online. then tunggu lo. Suddenly bibu phone me say sudah reach, i ma rush down and masuk bibu's car. Then bibu pi brace dental do things, while me and Ying wait outside. After that went back to sunshine farlim due to bibu wan to meet someone. While left me and Ying walk around sunshine farlim. Walk till banyak banyak round. Finally Ying bought some snacks. Ish...walked for more than 30mins! haha! After that,meet up with bibu, and terus pi gurney. Reach and saw Final Destination 4 3D only left 12.00pm! Fuck it,the time has been rearranged due to some new movies change. At last we choosen TSUNAMI AT HAEUNDAE. Pat reach within 20mins from his home,clap~~
Rated 8.5/10
Then went to Sushi King have some Sushi. Ying went to meet up her fren. While for us we accompany pat's fren beli pants. After that, Pat play with his marvelous body by walking in every shop and the shops' alarms are ringing. LOL, damn it was fun! Applause again Pat!



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Know day is today? It is my independent day! After finished up all my exam while today's paper is ADI, it is not difficult and not easy. Average la i mean! After submitted the paper, the gang is planning where to eat for lunch. Know what? We separated 2 or 3 groups, some went to corner eat,some went back hostel bath,some went to canteen eat and some went to gurney's 美食之家. While for me, u know la, after all the exam, must award ownself to have a better lunch for celebrating finished up the exam! Yes u are right! Im in the gurney category! This is Reelee fetch me,KimSheng and Ying go. We went to JE first as Reelee wants to print something for her PTPTN. After that, we straight pi Gurney. i ordered 芝士蒙古鱼片焗饭, then due to rush time for movie, i took Ying's 芝士咖喱鱼片焗饭, sorry yea! After ate my food,straight meet up with Ping and masuk cinema.

Overall still ok
Rated 7/10

After that,we went our home respectively and end of the day.

*My exam has been finished,call me up if anyone wanna go out*

The Wars

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The 2 days of war in the morning that was 2 days ago and this morning
darn it
CCNA is quite ok
and yet
totally dead
something stupid with those questions
and because of these 2 papers
i sudah tidak tidur lena selama seminggu
maybe because of that
early morning wake up
ate something and go hostel
and found that stomach not wel
maybe also because of over nervous?
vommit kat hostel
felt better and go for exam
while for today
pun lai din feel any vommit eh feeling
mana tau itu feeling strikes me when walk up kat CA mia stairs
keep tahan tahan
and almost wanna vommit out
when the examiner said "You can start writing now"
out of sudden
the vommit feeling is gone
and can do my exam comfortably
but with those question
die straight straight la!!!!!!!
God please bless me pass in this paper!!!!!


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ini hari exam
sehari sebelum exam tengok bleach
sebelum pi exam pun bleach
akhirnya bleach sudah habis
pergi sekolah untuk exam
sambil menunggu masa lepas sambil melamun
masuk ke dewan untuk exam
duduk diam diam dan tengok soalan
tak tau mengapa tengok soalan satu sudah x tau
buat selama dua jam
tak sempat buat satu soalan
jika ada masa pun x tau buat

dan saya mau complain CP banyak panas
tak ada form untuk buat peperiksaan
TARC gile

akhir tapi bukan kurang
satu jatuh
empat lagi
menunggu 16/9/2009 sampai tak larat dah