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It was 3rd day of holiday, darn it, freakin' bored in this holiday! This day was planned one week ago, the plan suppose to be like this, RB->Movie-> Night small gathering. I duno how and i duno why, 10 people outing and became 5 people. Geng la this one, and Dan told me the plan is still on. So this morning i woke up and received msg text by Dan, say RB cancel. Oh god,and wait Wong come and fetch because Dan wan use reach there asap. After reach there,met up with Jino, Siew Hoay and Dan, we plan for lunch. We headed to Manhattan Fish Market for lunch.

We ordered these,cost us RM46+ each and ate RM130+ for one meal
绿茶红豆 for Jino,taste good

Then we headed to cosmic to waste the time pass. After that,went in cinema and watch G-Force 3D

rated 9/10
the Science and Technology effects are so damn cool
Thanks for the treat =)

After that,wong take me home and i plan for night small gathering. Suddenly wong said that he busy,and have to replan again. So! The plan is postponed to Monday! Coffee Island! Damn dun say busy again!

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