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Know day is today? It is my independent day! After finished up all my exam while today's paper is ADI, it is not difficult and not easy. Average la i mean! After submitted the paper, the gang is planning where to eat for lunch. Know what? We separated 2 or 3 groups, some went to corner eat,some went back hostel bath,some went to canteen eat and some went to gurney's 美食之家. While for me, u know la, after all the exam, must award ownself to have a better lunch for celebrating finished up the exam! Yes u are right! Im in the gurney category! This is Reelee fetch me,KimSheng and Ying go. We went to JE first as Reelee wants to print something for her PTPTN. After that, we straight pi Gurney. i ordered 芝士蒙古鱼片焗饭, then due to rush time for movie, i took Ying's 芝士咖喱鱼片焗饭, sorry yea! After ate my food,straight meet up with Ping and masuk cinema.

Overall still ok
Rated 7/10

After that,we went our home respectively and end of the day.

*My exam has been finished,call me up if anyone wanna go out*

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