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Ini hari pi watch cinema. I bangun awal plan to go bank tekan duit. Mana tau cant wake up. Unlock handphone nampak bibu's message. Cakap 11am angkat me. Straight stand up makan breakfast. Berak and bath. Then online, saw them still online. then tunggu lo. Suddenly bibu phone me say sudah reach, i ma rush down and masuk bibu's car. Then bibu pi brace dental do things, while me and Ying wait outside. After that went back to sunshine farlim due to bibu wan to meet someone. While left me and Ying walk around sunshine farlim. Walk till banyak banyak round. Finally Ying bought some snacks. Ish...walked for more than 30mins! haha! After that,meet up with bibu, and terus pi gurney. Reach and saw Final Destination 4 3D only left 12.00pm! Fuck it,the time has been rearranged due to some new movies change. At last we choosen TSUNAMI AT HAEUNDAE. Pat reach within 20mins from his home,clap~~
Rated 8.5/10
Then went to Sushi King have some Sushi. Ying went to meet up her fren. While for us we accompany pat's fren beli pants. After that, Pat play with his marvelous body by walking in every shop and the shops' alarms are ringing. LOL, damn it was fun! Applause again Pat!


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