Thx to my frens

Posted by Nicholas | | Posted on 11:25 PM


Today,is my 18th birthday,although last night i'm not so happy,but today is quite a nice day actually. I went to college as usual,i thought my frens will never know my birthday . I was not in the good mood during the class,i have no mood to study even teacher teach what i also didn't listen cause of last night . Then,as usual,my frens and i went out to lunch during break time. After ate,we went back to college,and i was a little late cause of certain reasons,so that i was rushing to class . When i opened the class's door,suddenly my classmates sing birthday song to me,this is the happiest moment in my life even though no cake. i was touched at that time . Thanks for my classmates . Y1M45 is the best!!!!!!!