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Mr Harry!!!!!
Where did u gone to?
Please go back home!!
Even ur parents take u go to KL and work
We will not forgot you!!!
Stop being so child like~~!!
There's nothing to be scared of!!

If anyone saw him
Please inform me asap!!


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Listened my friend talk to me
He plans to give up his secondary friends(including me)
I dont know why he would say so
Didnt saw him for almost half year
Changed so much
Maybe after he got a girl only change?
who knows...
Why u don't want to appreciate our friendship?
And want to give up for this friendship?
So long that we have become friend
Yet now u said u are stupid when secondary

If u really wanna give up this friendship
i won't stop u
but i really want to say


Sorry My Buddy

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Today,my friends were celebrating 3 people birthday
That were Joo,Hong Seng and his dearly gf :D
Im sorry i was unable make it for the celebration
I have to work and don't know whose stupid idea was that that make the time at 12.30noon
I hope 3 of will were enjoying that


Although i know it was pretty early to wish
But im scared of no chance to wish
Since i still remember now


Happy always :D



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Another post of me
Currently raining
Thinking back the incidents today

I went to school as usual
But with a damn good mood :D
Cause i always got excited that the plan of red box today
And now finally approach the day
Thought can listen to Hooi Jin sings =D
Before reach school i went to JE to get books for my class first
I were helping aunty to tide up all the books cause the books haven't bind
And then rushed for my class
So i was late cause of helping there
Carried up the books up to 2 floors and felt very pant
Glad that Daniel and Keat Wei helped me carried some
But still
After i went in
I seemed like a hollow man
Nobody saw me also nobody saw me carried their notes
But nevermind cause i thought can distribute their notes after i take my table and chair
On the process of finding my chair and table
There were somebody keep on asking where are their notes
I was still very pant at that time
Why don't they wait for a while so that i can distribute?
Why can't i just have some rest first?
What are u all worrying about?
Am i only a tools for u all?
Who knows?
I can't even concentrate what teacher is teaching and i was eating breakfast while she teach(thanks for Patrick buy for me without paying the tax :D)
Really thought can enjoy in red box
But the plan has been changed to Pizza Hut
So i agreed with their ideas
After class,went to Daniel's hostel
We promised to gather at there and go together
Suddenly,Kent received a sms that Hooi Jin cant make it cause she have appointment
well well
So the plan has canceled
But i still stay in Daniel's hostel
We talked lots of things with Hun ,Patrick ,Keat Wei and Daniel
i used Robin's computer to play DMC4
It was freaking cool but too bad my dekstop cant support :x
Its fate

Everything in this world is just Fate


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Not in the good mood today
Cause of the college hired a lame part time lecturer
Week 3 now but still don't know what he was taught
I don't even have notes
Tried to take from him
At the end didn't give me
I don't even know how he teach
Glad that my sem 1 account safely passed
But now i can't even expect can get a D


Million tons of 'WHY'

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I have alot of why in my mind
I don't even know why i have so many why in my mind
Keeping on heard my friends said they have alot of worries
But why i don't even have any worries?
worry about studies?
worry about life?
worry about money?
worry about future?
worry about partner?
I don't even have one of that
studies? I never concentrate on study
life? I have low satisfaction,have a straight line life will do
future? I cant see my future,or even i don't have any future at all?
partner? no confident

The next why ,why does everyone keeps on argue?
why cant we just together just for 2 years?
2 years not short not long
we may not together for 2 years but may be only for 1 year or less!
why cant we just appreciate what we have now?
why cant we just have some patient?
If a person got patient,he/she might change the output compared with the one who didnt have patient

there were still lots of why in my mind

hope everything will be fine very very very soon enough :D

im back

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Hello! Nic is back,since the last two posts that i had posted,i never touch blog again . But now im back again!