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now is 29th of December
that means
2 more days then 2008 will be over
and 2009 will be approached
what will happen on me in 2009 ?

left 16 days then my final exams approached
so near
yet didnt know what teacher teach what especially the chu kok an x[
gonna work hard from now on
boycott gaming
boycott outing
boycott movies


chocky chocky

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a chocolate that mr cedric bought from sabah
i finally got it
this is the first time he gives me a gift
the taste was nice
thanks mr cedric
put more effort in ur sabah's studies


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Its been awhile i have updated my blog
monday Adrian has came back
so that he planned to call up all of 5S in hutchings school for steamboat
so on wednesday
that was 3 days ago
i sms-ed all of the people
only some of them replied me
chee kean came to find me first
we chatted quite a long time cause very long didnt saw him
went to house of steamboat cause 6.30++ nid to reach there already
went to there
chee kean and i reached first
we had waited 30mins
then only ban hui only came
then followed up adrian came with his singapore fren,a malay(duno the name) by his ego
so we went in to reserve place first
then chester reach
only ah chin and tai hee
yoges throw aeroplane to us
what the...
only 8 of us appeared
after that
chee kean said wanna go back already
he said wanna play game
RM17.90 steamboat only eat for one bowl of shark fin and few pieces of meat
rich siao
after that
we took some photos(will be upload soon)
thought thursday wanna watch movie with him
too bad some of us cannot
friday i cannot cause of the stupid IS test

say tio the IS test
lame to the max =.=
tables sticked together but the questions all totally different
after that
we went to queensbay
we tuangkan chu kok an's lecture
first time tuang class
since he so like to throw aeroplane to me
i also tuang ba
feeling not bad also

christmas is coming soon
no idea wanna go where yet
have to see conditions first
too bad adrian back too early hahaha
if not i sure spray him already(if still can play spray)
i was unable to sms u before u leave
hope u dont mind :D
good luck in ur journey
do ur job properly and dont get fired x]


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A video that was edited by my fren

diaries x]

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well , it has been sometime since i had updated my blog
this monday , my uncle brought me went to queensbay
since after i spm , my uncle has been usually take me and my mom go out eat ho liao
that day went to opposite of queensbay eat
da restaurant called wei zhi jia
after we eaten our lunch
then my cousins and i walked to queensbay while my uncle drove car fetch my grandma go queensbay cause my grandma was old and having walking problem
after reach there
we went to shopping
starting saw daniel loh
its been awhile i didnt saw him
my mom say he's getting fat
but i didnt realise whether he get fat or not
he is still so hiao as i first knew him xD
after that
went to padini
saw jia zhen
and i greeted him
and then
hooi thin saw me
but i didnt saw her
after that
went to jusco punya kid's department cause my uncle wanted to buy clothes for my cousin sisters
the younger sister , jen mei
mulut banyak
keep on want this want that =.=
while the elder sister ,jen ning
apa benda pun didnt bought
den went to supermarket
my uncle bought me a 'tyre' snacks , 2 1litre of peel fresh and one chewing gum mentos
den i bought one set of sushi

i have finished my english presentation(although was a bad one)~!
i have finished my IS assignment~!
im kinda free~~
but have to prepare for IS and programming 2nd test....
got my IS test 1 results
im satisfied with it although not very high
watched "The day The Earth Stood Still"
not a bad and not a very good movie
today is 12/12
and i just realised today is hui's birthday
i almost forgotten
too bad he dun have a handphone
cant even wish him
im here to wish u Happy Birthday!!
and and and and
why still haven come back yet?
ur leave still have approved yet?
waiting for ur treat of red box so badly
contact me when u are back!