Never Too Late

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Hey yo, been so long never update here. My life has gotten into a kind of hectic life nowadays. Having those bloody tests and assignments around. Everything crushed at the same time. I don't even have free time to get myself hanging out. Where's my freedom? bahhhh, feeling so lost. Every time the things that I wanted always not coming to me. Goddd, where's the fairness that you always have? ahhh, seriously need blesses.


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No is crab :D
Went to Crab Island last Sunday.
Allow the photos speak :)

The Motorboat

The Port of the Crab

The Seafoods :D

The price,cheap+affordable
*model Miss WeiYing*

The Group Photo

The only transport on the island



The sea

More at PingTm

Sum of Break

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This sem break can be counted as a quite Been through many "First Time" events in my life.

  1. Gathered with my high school mates, had a morning dim sum with them and also dinner in Manhattan. But there's a small incident happens that made me unable to continue hang out after dinner.
  2. First time have Tao with my family.
  3. KL classmates come Penang. Robin and I brought them visit various places in Penang. Through this i had quite a number of "First Time". It was three days two nights.

  4. First time went a movie with Eaton.

  5. Had a birthday party to Ping in an apartment stay. So damn freaking fun and hopefully there will be a next time.
  6. Random out with Pat Reelee Robin and Zhen.

  7. First time went to Khuntai and visited lovely sicked-Ping.

My sem break activities are roughly like this. Nothing special but is memorable. And I will be not
update my blog oftenly.

Hey P

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What do I have here? First, I have a stable line. Second, I have my sweet home and bed. Third, I have a lot of FOOD here. Besides food still food. The only thing that I don't have is : "I don't have to flip my books and notes to study!" ROAR. Where is this place? It sounds like heaven.

*Penang is heaven*


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What is pea brain? As you can see from the words. 'Pea',peanuts, a very small size of nut. Imagine you have a brain with a pea size. Can you guess the meaning? Some people used to insult their friends : "hey you, you pea brain". Do they think of themselves that whoever says people is the one has a pea brain. Think before you speak you "pea-brainers".

Last but not least, i think i have one

How about you guys out there?


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Well, im seriously lacking some luck lately. Things i did wont go smoothly as i think.

This is what i need.