xmas eve

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Last thursday was Christmas Eve
So my classmates held up an event in Pat's house again
last year was BBQ
this year is a little bit different?
Homemade one
It's been a while i had my homemade steamboat
it is still the best compared to outside steamboat
After ate,we have some liquor that brought by WengKit~~
Cheers Everyone!

Played some games
Losers have to drink

Time to open champagne,shake shake*

After that,continue with another game
so called "mie wah? har?"


TJ and me

The purples

The reds

The whites

A nice instant photo shoot

Pat The Great

ReeLee King

Yoke,Ying, TJ and me

Ks, yy and pat

The girls
Ying and Reelee
A shot from me
not bad leh
inherit from someone

Last but not least
The Incredible Nic
Photo of the day~~
*ignore that bak yiu*

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