End of 2009,100th [年终感言]

Posted by Nicholas | | Posted on 1:08 AM

31st of December 2009
last day of 2009
A brand new life in 2010
What i've done in this whole year?
Let me simplify the whole journey in 2009.
  1. Have a normal college life,nothing special.
  2. Never go out work for whole year.
  3. Always displease parents, such as...................
  4. Had fun during TAO, Tambun and Christmas Eve with my classmates
  5. Spent a lot of money compared to previous year
  6. Overall, whole year's life is simple and easy.
If i've ever made anyone of you angry or fed up.
im here to apologize.
try my best to have a correction on it.

Excited for it's approaching
i'll still miss 2009
although it is nothing special but it is fun thou
especially during class.
miss the time collect money from u guys.
miss the time distribute the notes.
those 'misses' are i missed the most.

in 2010
i will 打出一个天下
the-never-feel-before-feelings is great
will always stay within me

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