another reunion

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yesterday out with my old peeps
back from college at around 4.30pm
reach home was about 5pm
bath and phoned Mr. hui and fetch him
after that
we reach gurney at around 5.30pm
we went to buy ticket first
then wait for my peeps to come
Mr. Darrick and Mr. Harry came at 6.15pm++
we met at popular and wait for the rest to come
we lepak until at around 7pm
after that
Mr. Chuen and Mr . Daniel reach
while another one
Mr . Jino
lost at parkson
We went  to lead him then straight had dinner at sushi king at 7.30pm while the movie starts at 7.45pm
we 100% will late for sure
finished eat at 8.00pm den straight head up to cinema
as i expected
we missed up alot starting
when we started to watch
we have no idea what it was showing

this was the movie we watched
the movie was superb^.^
recommended to watch

after the movie
we joke joke awhile
then my peeps started went back to their home respectively
miss them alot T.T
i fetched Mr.Hui back home then only back my own home x]
reach home very tired but still sleep at 1.30am

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nice movie^^

yup,really nice movie