Million tons of 'WHY'

Posted by Nicholas | | Posted on 12:38 AM

I have alot of why in my mind
I don't even know why i have so many why in my mind
Keeping on heard my friends said they have alot of worries
But why i don't even have any worries?
worry about studies?
worry about life?
worry about money?
worry about future?
worry about partner?
I don't even have one of that
studies? I never concentrate on study
life? I have low satisfaction,have a straight line life will do
future? I cant see my future,or even i don't have any future at all?
partner? no confident

The next why ,why does everyone keeps on argue?
why cant we just together just for 2 years?
2 years not short not long
we may not together for 2 years but may be only for 1 year or less!
why cant we just appreciate what we have now?
why cant we just have some patient?
If a person got patient,he/she might change the output compared with the one who didnt have patient

there were still lots of why in my mind

hope everything will be fine very very very soon enough :D

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